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Client Spotlight : Ava and Snow Goat Soap

I met Danie Vasquez, owner of Ava and Snow Goat Soap a few months before she married my nephew Poncho. I loved her from the moment I met her. She is shy and reserved, kind and thoughtful. Their wedding was the most beautiful venue I had ever seen.Nestled in a sleepy little town in northern California, it was like stepping onto a movie set for a scene in the time of the Renaissance. Every detail was special, decorations were hand made of earthly origins and the food some of the best I've ever had. They met in a small town near Napa, California. Poncho was a sous chef of a 3 michelin starred restaurant and Danie a pastry chef of an entire resort. After deciding to take a break from the food business, they moved to Apple Valley to be closer to his family and to decide their next adventure. As Poncho helped his Dad in the family business, Danie starting growing vegetables in the garden and decided to make cheese and other yummy things out of goats milk. And because they couldn't drink all the milk the herd produced, Ava and Snow Goat Soap was born!

Over the years I have watched Danie grow her business and become more confident and closer to her dreams of one day having a fully sustainable family farm of their own. She inspires me to never give up on a dream, that if we love what we do we can make it happen!

Danie's soaps and other creations are made with love and patience and it shows in the look, feel and quality of her wonderful products. Come by and check them out at Salon Muse!

You can also find Ava and Snow Goat Soap on etsy at AvaAndSnowGoatSoap.

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