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our inner child

we've all had those moments of reacting impulsively and selfishly as Dr. Nicole le pera spoke about in her book titled ' how to do the work , recognize your patterns, heal from your past, + create your self.'

In her book she writes :

"this child like part is free, filled with wonder and awe, and connected to the inner wisdom of our authentic self. It can be accessed only when we are safely in the social connection zone of our nervous system, able to feel spontaneous and open. It is playful and uninhibited or so fully present in the moment that time doesn't seem to exist.

this same inner childlike part of each of us, when not acknowledged, can run rampant in our adult life, often reacting impulsively and selfishly. "

so, when i became a mother for the first time, i realized the enormous responsibility of my role as my children's protector, teacher and life coach. what i didn't know then, was just how unequipped i was!

not that any of us really are, with maybe the exception of a few of us that happened to have a very self aware parent figure that had already done the 'work'.

'it's nearly impossible, says Dr. lapera, to fulfill all the needs of another human, especially when both people are dealing with their own unresolved traumas".

so, friends, let's start with forgiving ourselves and the people who have let us down.

at my salon, i have a sign on a shelf by my chair that says,

life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful ' and friend,

neither do you!

comment below with any words of wisdom you have from your own life journey, or words of encouragement you have, and remember, together we are stronger!

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