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If you are here you are probably looking for something new. You may be looking for a hairdresser who has the skills and education to help you find a beautiful cut and color that fits your life style best. 

If so, you are in the right place!

Your experience with me starts here in the comfort of your own home.

Please take a moment to fill out my Hair Color Pre Consultation Form form to give me a complete understanding of your hair history.



To schedule an

Online Virtual consultation 

in the comfort of your own home.

click on the link below.



This will provide us the opportunity to discuss your hair goals, your budget restrictions, and what it will take to achieve your desired look.

A thorough consultation is the first and most important step to achieve your dream hair.

You may also email me at salonmuse2015@gmail.com with a specific salon service request and a specific day and time you are available and I will get back to you in 24-48 hours or less.



What is the best way to chat with me?

( And not play phone tag?! )

You may schedule a Chat With Michelle phone call by clicking on the link below at 




To better serve you and keep my business organized,

I am no longer taking business messages through texting

What if i can't find a day and time I need?

You may fill out an Appointment Request Form below to get on my wait list.

I will contact you as soon as the day and time you request becomes available.

​What will the cost of my service be?

My pricing is a la cart, check out my service menu for starting prices on all services I offer in the salon.

For a more detailed price quote, you may schedule a virtual consultation at


What if I need to pick up more product ?

Click on the Shop Now button below to check out the Loma Hair Care products available for purchase online and in salon.


I want to make a big change but don't know what to book?

Big changes can sometimes require multiple appointments, and the cost can vary greatly. If you are a new guest, I require an online virtual consultation prior to booking your first appointment. Click on the link below to schedule your virtual consultation.


This will give me the opportunity to see your hair and make sure I understand completely what your hair goals are and that I have enough time to complete your services.

How many sessions will I need to achieve my desired goal?

There is no direct answer to this. It all depends on how well your hair wants to lift if we are doing highlights and what your goals are. After our first session, I will have a better idea as to how many appointments will be required.

Can I book without a Finish Style?

Styling services are required, seeing your hair dry provides me the opportunity to customize your finished look and plan for next time. 

I want highlights and my hair fully colored what should I book?

Select the Color and Highlights services separately from my a la cart menu

Should I come with dirty hair?

Having dirty hair can keep your color from fully penetrating causing inconsistent results when it comes to color. Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair.