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Brisa's Story

Updated: Jul 4

Gus and Linda Alfaro opened Las Brisas Restaurant in Apple Valley over 27 years ago.They raised three very successful and hard working children, their daughter Brisa being the youngest of the family.

Recently, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Brisa better and most importantly, hearing her amazing story of survival against all odds.

Below is Brisa's story in her own words. If ever you think you can't handle what life is giving you at this moment in time, then read this inspiring story of a families' love and determination to not give up and a young women's will to live, and trust me , you will be inspired to face your challenges head on, as Brisa did!


Brisa is a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. When she was 32 when she had a stroke and developed Locked in Syndrome. With less than 5 cases per year world wide and a less than 1% chance of making a recovery, survivors guilt set in for Brisa. That is until she started sharing her story and noticed how it was positively impacting people.

Now she shares her story around the world with a simple message that not only anyone can relate to, but it also ignites hope and resiliency.

Her story has been shared on such platforms as the Washington Post, The Doctors TV Show, Woman’s World Magazine, Lisa Nichols stages, Podcasts, Summits and many more.

Brisa is not only a survivor, but an International #1 Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker and Mentor.

Her Limitless recovery journey will inspire your audience and leave them ready to take on any challenge with a simple “Pinky Move”.

To learn all about Brisa's journey back to health and well being, as well as her inspiring " Pinky Moves ' mentoring, check out her info below on instagram at faro_/

Brisa and I are looking forward to helping others in the community

by sharing her message of hope, perseverance and never giving up

on ourselves! #nomorebaddays


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