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Giving Back

my mission statement

Giving back was born out of my desire to love and support all the beautiful women I've had the honor of knowing and caring for at my salon suite in my home town of apple valley.

over the years of doing hair, i realized that so many women suffer in silence so much of the time because they don't feel safe to express their deeply held trauma and pain. I was always compelled to find real answers to their life challenges.

which left me with the realization that i first had to find myself and my real truth. Instead of just doing life, I am now learning how to just be in life.

I see more clearly now that my purpose in life is to give back all the loving kindness that i was gifted through out my life by mentors, family and close friends.

we are all stronger together than apart. we are all connected through the universe and through love.

this will be a safe space, to share any and all feelings, learned wisdom and to love and support each other.

Please feel free to follow me on this journey of self discovery and healing...

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